Sunday, March 31, 2013

Harlaxton Manor - Interior

Shortly after our arrival we were given a tour of the manor. You can imagine that it was fun reminiscing and trying to figure out how things had changed since we were there in 1969. As you can see from the pictures, the restoration work is of the highest quality. The biggest changes in the areas pictured here are the vibrancy of the colors and the time and effort that has gone into maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of the building. All of the elements were there in 1969, but the overall tone was much more dingy, shall we say. Probably the two biggest changes don’t show up here. First, the insulation weather-stripping mean that the building is warm and no longer drafty. Second, the layout of the student rooms has changed significantly. I could find no hint of the six-person room I lived in or the bathrooms we used down the hall somewhere.  

The old elevator remains as it was. Close both doors or it won't go anywhere.
Here we are marveling at the renovations.
The main cedar staircase
The railing above the top of the staircase is not accessible.
Imagine trying to keep this amazing stucco work clean. It's no wonder that many of these great old buildings fell into disrepair and are now open to the public to pay for their upkeep.
The great hall where we had our final banquet. I think this was a study area.
These are on the left in the picture above.
The upper wall and ceiling.
The entrance to the long gallery.
The Long Gallery. One of the two hidden staircases is in this room. They were used by servants. Sorry, no ghost stories here.
This fireplace is on the left side of the picture above.
One of the Conservatory windows. This room was perhaps in such disrepair that we did not have access.
I remember using these nooks as quiet study areas.
The library
The Gold Room. If you look carefully, you can see the cherub climbing down from the ceiling.
The Gold Room
The Gold Room Ceiling
Gold Room Detail
The ceiling in the state dining room.
Our bedroom this trip. On the top floor where the professors and families has exclusive access.

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