Thursday, January 9, 2014

La Selva - A Lake in the Amazon Basin

The Lodge
The view from the lodge

At La Selva, we had two types of activities: paddle by canoe or walk the trails. Often we started in the canoe to get to the trail head. The lake is a beautiful backdrop to the lodge and our dining area, especially in the early morning and late afternoon light. While not huge with steady paddling, it would still take an hour or more to circumnavigate it. For us, it would take much longer as we stopped to see monkeys, birds, caiman, or other flora and fauna. We also learned that the lake has several little bays where birds and animals might be hiding. At times we were able to get within a couple of feet of some birds by just floating into one and staying very quiet.

One of the lakes many tiny coves

While we did not take advantage, we could have done some kayaking on the lake during the late morning or early afternoon downtime we had each day. People also are able to fish for piranha, catfish, and small-mouth bass off the dock – catch and release only. Linda, Taylor, and Danette did some fishing from the canoe our last evening there. Linda was skunked, but they did catch one each of the fish varieties.  I was off for an evening of owling so I missed that experience. Some of the kids also went swimming in the nice, warm water. It is totally safe since piranhas are only attracted to blood. 

This Sand-collared Nighthawk was one of the few birds that sat long enough for a portrait.

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