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Downtown Perth from Kings Park
The Tower. Like Seattle's Space Needle, it serves no "useful" purpose.
Still, it is a magnificent icon offering great views of the region.
On our second day, we took the Triple Tour which included the Hop On/Hop Off tour of Perth, a boat ride to Fremantle for a tour there. Perth is the capital of Western Australia, the largest of Australia’s states and 2500 kilometers from Adelaide making it the most isolated capital city in the world. The road between the two includes a 450 kilometer straight stretch. They are rebuilding the quay area over a ten-year period creating what should be a magnificent water front area. We traveled through Kings Park, the world’s largest city park overlooking the downtown.

A new oval for cricket and Aussie Rules Football

The garage walls at the new casino

Older building in Perth.
As in other Australian cities, it is a mix of new and old.
 Older buildings are protected from destruction.

Perth is about 14 kilometers from the mouth of the Swan River, but that entire area is part of the city, so as we traveled to Fremantle, we never left the city. Because the river is so shallow, Fremantle is the port area. Our guide said that the original plan was that Fremantle would be the port, Perth would be the commercial center, and the Swan Valley the agricultural area. The plan holds today.

Cormorant drying its wings on the pier.
They lack oil so have to keep their wings dry unlike most water birds. 
Nice homes along the river.
Two are worth over $60 million
Painted shipping containers on the way to Fremantle.
Rather eye-catching
As the port area, Fremantle has an interesting history which includes the old prison which is now open for tours and an interesting coffee street and some excellent restaurants. We had lunch at one of the fish restaurants in the port area before heading back to Perth on the boat and to the airport for our midnight flight to Auckland.

Downtown Fremantle

Original homes in Fremantle
The old Fremantle prison

Inside the prison
The prison dormitory
Maritime Museum in Fremantle

Mural in Fremantle
War Memorial in Fremantle

Each war has its own smaller monument

Holden cars are made in Australia.
Unfortunately, GM is closing the plant later this year.
 That will be the end of Australia's automotive industry.
A bather on the Fremantle Beach

Somewhat controversial, this ship carriers live sheep and cows north to Indonesia and China. 

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