Saturday, March 24, 2012

More Kindness in Swellendam

Today we arrived in Swellendam. Once again we had a bit of trouble finding the place we are spending the next two nights. The GPS got us only onto the correct road, but not to the exact address. We tried driving along the road in the area where we expected the Schoone Oordt Guest House to be, but without luck. I was driving slowly in front of a truck. When I pulled over to allow him to pass, the car behind use flash the blue lights on top of his car and we heard a whoop-whoop sound.

Of course, I pulled further over an awaited the arrival of the policeman. He looked at us and said, "Let me help you." Breathing a sigh of relief, we gave him the address and waited for his help. He looked up and down the road and then asked for our phone to call. "Follow me," he said. So we did. After a couple of turns and now wondering where we were, he stopped and again asked for the phone. After a few more minutes on the phone, we took off again almost to the spot where he first found us and turned off the road. There just off the road is the guest house. We thanked him profusely and he left. We pulled in and were greeted by Sonette and Wander, who immediately offered a gin and tonic. Once again we did not have to spend the night in the car.

This place is magnificent. Built in the 1850s, it has been restored and includes several guest rooms. Wander and Sonnete gave us some advice for seeing the area and then made dinner reservations at a nearby restaurant. We walked to the Field and Fork, where we had a wonderful dinner along with some local wine. Jim and I had free-range pork while Linda and Marcia chose the free-range chicken. After we finished, the owner/chef came out to talk about our dinner and answer our questions. His restaurant, like the similarly named restaurants at home, prides itself on using only local products.

We are nearing the end of the trip for Jim and Marcia. They return home after three more nights here and one night traveling. Linda and I are looking forward to Victoria Falls and a chance to see more animals and birds in Botswana. It's a bit hard to believe we have been here almost a month, the time has passed so swiftly.

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