Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chobe Chilwelo, Botswana

Our first night in Botswana we took a boat ride on the Chobe River. The Chobe is one of the main tributaries to the Zambezi. Chobe National Park fronts a wide spot in the river and provides visitors with both land and water safaris. As you will see from the pictures we were lucky enough to see several animals and birds. Enjoy.

Fish Eagles are abundant on this stretch of the river. We have not seen one catch a fish, but did see one eating.
Giant Cormorant - The only one we have seen.
Red-Billed Hornbills are noisy and busy. One of them was trying to fight its own reflection in our window this afternoon
African Jacanas are sometimes called Jesus birds for their ability to walk on water. They area actually walking on the lily pads eating insects.
A highlight was seeing this baby riding mama's back.
We have seen several mongoose, but this was the first of this species.
This herd of elephants entertained us for almost half an hour.
A nice pair of young ones.
Time for feeding
Hippo feeding. Note the elephants in the background.
Our guide watched the hippos as caredully as these highly territorial animals watched us.
We often see cattle egrets riding the hippos.
This lioness had lost her pride. Her moanful cries would be frightening on a dark night.
As Linda says, cats do the stretching thing better than any other animal.
Sunsets really are spectacular here. They literally fill the entire sky.
We just have to share these sunsets.
The sun is behind us.

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