Sunday, April 1, 2012

Toka Leya Land Safari

We stayed at Toka Leya for three nights. During that time we did one land safari and three on the river. We especially enjoyed the time on the water where we could approach the animals and birds quietly and with peace. Somehow, driving a big land rover doesn't evoke quite the same feeling.

We did get to walk to see three of the eight white rhinos on the property. Because of the huge increase in poaching over the last two years, these rhinos have a 24-7 guard. 24 rangers are employed to make sure these rhinos survive. They also help us by leading us to get some good views in their habitat.
The guns are AK-47s, not capable of taking down a rhino. We learned this afterwards although Linda had it figured out from the beginning.

Rhinos in their habitat. We did not get much closer as they were working their way towards a watering hole.

We did get close enough for this picture.

After we got back to the vehicle we drove around the park and saw some other animals.

The giraffes here were lighter in color than those we saw in South Africa. Same species, just a paler coloring.

Warthogs in South Africa never let us get this close or stay long enough for a picture.

Waterbucks look to me like they have a target painted on their rump.

The ground hornbill is one of the heaviest birds. They do fly, but generally just short distances without much height.
A few zebras. They pronouce it with a short vowel sound, not zeeebra like we do.

A beautiful sunset to end the day as we sipped our G & T.

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