Monday, April 2, 2012

Toka Leya - The Camp

A few pictures to show you what it is like to stay in one of these camps. I took these the morning we left. As you can see we had a rain shower that night that continued into the morning. Fortunately, it cleared up for our plane ride and the view of Victoria Falls. As we sit on the veranda overlooking the river or the fields and the food and drink at your leisure, it is sure easy to understand why Europeans would decide to stay here.

Our 'tent' - notice the solar water heater.

Breakfast buffet and cooked to order eggs.

The lounging area looking towards the river.

Lounge with a view to the dining area and bar in the background.

The bar is always open.

We have yet to try a pool, but they are always available.

Tea was served here when the skies allowed.

Our yacht. Six chairs all swiveled allowing 360 degree views.

The wire elephant greets us daily.

This hippo decided to make an appearance as we left.

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