Sunday, April 1, 2012

Toka Leya From the Water

We did enjoy the river cruises, especially in the morning as the sun came up with its beautiful color.

This wire-winged swallow hitched a ride with us after snatching a spider from its web on the boat.

The Giant Kingfisher is the largest of the kingfishers. Africa's kingfishers are much more colorful than ours. Look closely and you can see the orange breast on this one.

Egyptian Geese are almost as prevalent here as Canadian Geese at home.

The Grey Go-Away Bird got is name because its call sounds like, "Go away" if you use your imagination. It does serve as a warning to the animals in the area that a predator is near.

Reed Cormarant

African Fin Foot. We followed this one for several minutes as it worked its way among the reeds by the shore.
We also saw animals and flowers.

This is not a yawn. This big boy is telling us that we are too close and it is time to move away. We did.

This young male elephant entertained us one morning eating and bathing.

Water lilies

The evening cruise ends with a sunset and another G & T.

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